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We will be CLOSED on Labor Day(Monday the 2nd)
Saturday the 7th. We will be OPEN but we will NOT be taking in shoes for quick cash/trade. 
WARNING: We will NOT be taking any shoes in store or through shipments from Sunday the 15th to Monday the 23rd.
NON LOCALS if your shipments are NOT received by the 14th your deal will be processed on the 24th. 
I will be going out of the country for a week and the TEAM will be working on getting things caught up at the shop and preparing ebay auctions...
Due to me leaving we will NOT have Ebay auctions go up on the 15th as regularly scheduled and they will go up on Sunday the 22nd. Having a 2 week gap between auctions when normally it's 1... due to this gap I expect the TEAM to process more listings for you guys and we hope to have at least 750 items up on that weekend. 
If you need something SOLD or want to TRADE... make sure it gets done by the 14th OR else you have to wait til the 24th.

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