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Some people collect cars, others collect video games. For the true Sneakerhead, nothing beats a great shoe collection, and we are pleased to provide only the top names in our selection of size 8.5 shoes. Our customers know to expect only the best when they shop with us, and that's what we provide. We've made it easier than ever to browse all of the options available in your specific size, effectively eliminating any guesswork from your shopping. As fellow sneaker enthusiasts, we are so pleased to offer such a great variety of shoes from these global names that dominate the industry.

Limited edition shoes don't stay available for long. In fact, those collections can sell out in a blink of an eye, before you even have a chance to choose your size! Luckily, our selection of adidas 8.5, Nike 8.5, and Yeezy 8.5 size shoes allow you that second chance at completing your collection. Because we purchase directly from customers just like you, our inventory is always changing and being updated, so you'll want to keep checking back for that pair you've been desperately searching for. Our shoes are sorted by four characteristics, condition, style code, year of release, and colorway. This takes some of the uncertainty out of online shopping and you can easily see that what you see is what you get. One of our goals, besides offering high-quality sneakers at competitive prices, is to be as transparent as possible with our clients. We get it, we love sneakers just as much as you do, and we want you to build up your collection with legitimate shoes.

If you have any questions about our selection of Nike 8.5, adidas 8.5 or Yeezy 8.5 shoes, please feel free to reach out to us! We love talking shoes with our fellow enthusiasts and would be happy to help guide you toward completing your collection.