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Today me and one of my boys took a 10 hour total road trip and met 3 different people to pick up a portion of their collections... This picture was after pick up #1... We're always willing to travel to pick up your pairs if you don't have the means to transport it yourself. However, it does require a deposit for us to make the trip out to you, all details can be discussed via email. If you have a large collection to sell, HIT US UP!
Just FYI - I make BEATER BOXES as often as I can. It's just been very hard during this Holiday season with all the shoes that have been coming in and out of the shop. I used to make a few every couple of days when I had the time but now I find it that I have to make them all at once when I have 6 or so hours of free time to pack them all up... I will always tweet or IG it when they're coming out but from time to time you might see those 1 or 2 new boxes pop up randomly without notice. Thanks to those who continue to cop and I hope you're making good money. 
A couple of Classics came into the shop recently... 2001's
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 
Wish everyone a BLESSED NEW YEAR!
We continue to thank you guys again and again for all the SUPPORT we have received throughout 2013 and hope for continued success and growth through 2014. 
Til the next blog(days, months, weeks from now?) 
As I've been saying, SUPPORT us on twitter on IG @solesupremacy to stay the most up to date with things happening at the shop. Thanks.





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