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Again, SORRY for the lack of blog updates...

Since we switched to the new site and shop I've found less and less time to BLOG but if you like updates and to see what's happening up to the minute follow us on Instagram & Twitter @solesupremacy


Here's the REASON we are no longer taking shoes we ALREADY have IN STOCK & IN THE SAME SIZE... #overstock

These are just Shadows and Toro IV's and picture was taken only 2 days after they released...




Every other Sunday our Ebay auctions end and the following Monday, this is what occurs.... #MADNESS

This was our first shipment out of 3 that day... probably packaged and sent 350+ items in a day... #dailygrind


Reminder - we will CASH YOU OUT for your collection if you're looking to RETIRE from the "GAME"


So... the Fire Red 3's are releasing for the 3rd time this year... In all honestly, no shoe is safe from a RETRO... Pairs limited to "X amount" the first time around have no limits in the future... EX: DB III 


Just FYI - we will NOT be offering QUICK CASH for these 3's... IMO these will sit on the shelves for awhile... not months or anything like that but days maybe weeks for sure... (maybe not in the BAY but for sure across the country)... Either way they won't INCREASE in value instantly... SUPPLY x DEMAND... 


Wanted to shout out WWW.KICKSDEALS.COM

They put as as one of the TOP 35 sneaker stores to visit in CA... #RESPECT


Also, we CONTINUE to make BEATER BOXES on the regular... stay tuned to our IG to make sure you don't miss out...


I hardly ever post a WDYWT but had today for one of my favorite pairs of ALL TIME(any brand or style)

I posted this on IG with a caption of "1 of 3 Jordans I own"

That's right, 3 pairs... 2001 Black Cement III's(BEAT TO SH!T) and Black Laser IV's(probably going to sell soon) are the other two...

I used to own over 250+ pairs of J's but gave them up to start this store YEARS AGO(5 to be exact) but overtime my taste and passion for J's have almost diminished... 

Til NEXT Time... #thankyou


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