Change of Plans...

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These past weeks inventory has literally gotten out of hand...

As of now we CANNOT take on new inventory when we already have the same inventory in stock. 


For example:

We have a Bred 11 in size 11 in stock, you have an 11(we will NOT take it)

We have don't have a Bred 11 in stock, you have an 11(we WILL take it)


We're trying to save as much space as we can for NEW/DIFFERENT items so we can offer you guys a wider range of products without sacrificing PRECIOUS space. 


I know this SUCKS to hear but we have to do it from a business/real estate standpoint.  We just don't have the space even though we just upgraded to a shop with over 1,000+ more SQ FT.


I'm not sure how long this will last but as ALWAYS we will always keep you guys update as much as possible through the blog, twitter, IG, etc... 


Thank you...

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