Air Jordan 23 Trophy Room "WHITE"

Air Jordan 23 Trophy Room "WHITE"

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For many, their shoe collection is like that of a trophy collection. They are put up on display for all to see, but not touch and certainly not to be worn. While your shoe collection may not gleam like a trophy, the Air Jordan 23 Trophy Room White will be a beautiful addition to the rest. Whether you are just getting started on your collection or have been collecting for years, we have you covered. We don't deal with fakes, so you can rest assured that every shoe offered in our inventory is authentic, and the perfect addition to your collection.

In an effort to provide you the most information possible about our Air Jordan 23 Trophy Room White sneakers, we include pertinent information including condition, colorway, style code, and year of release, that way you know exactly what you are purchasing. This not only helps you to verify the authenticity, but it helps to ensure that you are getting the shoe you've been searching for. If you are struggling to find your size, keep checking back. Our inventory is constantly being updated so we can provide you the best selection available.

Condition: Brand New in Box

Style Code: 853336 123

Year of Release: 2016

Colorway: White/MTLC Gold-Black-White

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