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Each box contains an "X" number of shoes.  Shoes are in random conditions, which can be new, worn or beat up and need restorations.

The purpose of this box is to get shoes for less then market price but most of the shoes need to be cleaned or restored to increase the value of the shoes. If each box is cleaned/restored to maximum potential you can easily make $100 to $200 per box and possibly more.

IF you are not willing and ready to clean/restore shoes. These are NOT for you. You may have to do general cleanings, decreasing, scuff repair, repaint, re-glue, mid-sole swap(rare), etc... 

Boxes contain all types of Nike releases.  At times but extremely random you might receive a pair or two that is not Nike but adidas, reebok, etc...but each box is priced accordingly.

Each box is shipped USPS parcel post and takes approximately 7 to 10 days to arrive but at times may take longer. 

Pictures are EXAMPLES of boxes you may receive

* Next to the box means NOTHING, sometimes boxes have the same specs so we need to differentiate them. 

* Random sizes boxes can contain all sizes.